About Us

Shelter is the basic necessity of a family and housing encompasses the basic elements for a sustained and healthy habitat. Without the security and comfort of a home, there is no escaping the difficulties resulting from poverty. A decent habitat and shelter environment for the poorer sections of the society not only contributes towards their well being and real asset creation but also catalyses overall economic growth.

Housing is an anchor which ignites the spirit of human endeavour. It is thus critical to recognize housing investment as a basic, fundamental building block of economic activity. India faces a deficit of 40 million housing unit’s i.e. more than 200 million in the country do not have access to safe and decent housing. Despite the enormity of the need, housing needs go unnoticed among the plethora of other concerns like health, education, human rights etc.

Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance envisions creating a society where everyone has a decent place to call home. Housing is a means to break the cycle of poverty. It increases access of the family to better health, education, livelihood opportunities, and participation in governance and raised the dignity of the individual. Just as microfinance has revolutionized access to business loans for millions of micro-entrepreneurs, similar innovations are beginning to revolutionize housing finance for the poor. Swarna Pragati and its partner NGO/MFIs are applying the lessons from successful microenterprise lending to make housing finance affordable and accessible for low-income households.

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